Electro-mechanical input devices play a vital role in the broadcasting industry, enabling broadcasters to control and interact with various equipment and systems involved in the production and transmission of audio and video content. These devices combine electrical and mechanical components to convert physical actions or movements into electrical signals that are interpreted by broadcasting equipment.

Electro-mechanical input devices in the broadcasting industry are designed to provide precise control, responsiveness, and ease of use for operators working in fast-paced live broadcasting environments. They enhance efficiency, accuracy, and creativity in content production and contribute to delivering high-quality broadcasts to viewers.

Devlin Electronics supplies a variety of products to facilitate broadcasting and key features of these products include:

  • Tactile control - physical buttons, switches, knobs, sliders, or other mechanisms that offer tactile feedback that enable quick and accurate control during live broadcasts or post-production.
  • Real-time responsiveness – to allow for operator actions to be realised immediately to allow for seamless transitions, smooth adjustments, and precise control during live broadcasts.
  • Customisability - Broadcasting operators often prefer to programme functions to buttons, switches or other controls based on their specific needs, allowing for flexibility and enhanced operational efficiencies.
  • Compatibility with existing equipment - seamless integration with a wide range of broadcasting equipment and systems, such as cameras, video switchers, audio mixers and broadcast software is required.
  • Durability and ruggedness - broadcasting environments can be demanding, and equipment must be able to withstand repeated use and exposure to dust, moisture and physical impacts.
    Backlighting and visual feedback - backlighting enhances visibility in low-light environments, making it easier for operators to locate controls and read labels.
  • Ergonomics – Broadcasters spend a lot of time working on the same equipment, so it needs to be comfortable, intuitive and easy to use.
  • Security and access control - where there is confidential data, being able to control the access to the broadcasting equipment is important.

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