Electro-mechanical input devices play a significant role in the finance industry, providing a means for financial professionals to accurately, quickly and intuitively interact with various applications used in banking, trading, accounting, and financial management.

Examples/applications of Devlin products:

  • Keyboards and numeric keypads - Keyboards are fundamental input devices in the finance industry and are used to enter and manipulate data. Tailored keyboards are designed to include additional keys or shortcuts commonly used for financial functions.
  • Pointing devices - Pointing devices are used for precise cursor control and to facilitate efficient navigation and data manipulation.
  • Card readers and PIN pads - These devices enable secure transfer of information from the user and payment cards, smart cards, or identification cards.
  • Signature capture devices - Where a signature is required, these devices can capture and digitise signatures, reducing the need for paper-based processes.
  • Biometric devices - Biometric devices, such as fingerprint scanners or iris scanners, are increasingly utilised in the finance industry for secure user authentication and identity verification.
  • Voice recognition systems - Speech-to-text conversion and voice command recognition enable hands-free operation, voice-based financial transactions, and voice-controlled access to financial systems.

Electro-mechanical input devices in the finance industry are designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, security, and user experience in financial processes. They enable seamless interaction with financial software, secure transaction processing, efficient data entry, and advanced authentication methods, contributing to the smooth functioning of financial operations.
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