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Devlin Electronics successfully updated the Guardian News & Media Group's workflows with an intuitive and state-of-the-art keyboard solution.

The Challenge

With nearly 33 million unique users, the Guardian website has the largest audience of any national newspaper. One of the primary challenges of the business has been to meet the demands of combined digital and print journalism and adapt existing workflows to multiple platforms without overcomplicating journalists’ normal working methods. The use of ’soft keys’ has been invaluable as they simplify the simultaneous production of copy for both web and print.

An Efficient Keyboard Solution

The new system designed by Devlin Electronics makes full use of the scriptable nature of InDesign and InCopy, enabling keyboard shortcuts – extremely useful when you consider that there are hundreds of such shortcuts used in the industry and once you get beyond a few dozen, you run out of places to put them on standard keyboard. 

"The Devlin keyboard solution makes full use of the scriptable nature of InDesign and InCopy, creating hundreds of shortcuts, resulting in time and efficiency savings, streamlined work processes and instinctive, user-friendly controls. As such, the double handling of most content has been removed and a method has been established that can evolve in future." 

The Benefits

The benefits of this technological investment has been huge savings in terms of time, effort and efficiencies. Making the processes more flexible has made people’s jobs easier, resulting in business performance improvements.

“… the interface is completely keyboard driven so we will be able to adapt the way we work to the needs of the time.” 

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