Personal Watercraft Controller

With safety and reliability in water being paramount, this control board was designed to fit within the mechanical constraints of personal watercraft vehicles. 

The controller comes in 2 parts; a display module and control module. The display module provides the user with an LED array to show selected speed, battery status and fault indication. On the display module is an NFC (Near Field Communication) receiver and magnetic sensor. The safety cut-off fob contains both an NFC tag and magnet.

When the fob is inserted into the holder on the watercraft, the NFC receiver reads the tag which can be used to determine the characteristics of the craft e.g. maximum speed, throttle configuration, etc. This allows fobs to have different profiles for different user groups e.g. a child's fob would restrict the maximum speed. The magnet is used as a safety cut-off and if removed, causes the craft to cut power to the motor, much like a kill switch on a jet ski.

The control module is the heart of the system and communicates with the display module using a fault tolerant bespoke protocol. As well as monitoring the operating status of the craft, the control module also monitors the charging / discharging state of the battery. Various sensors check for moisture ingress, motor and battery temperature allowing the controller to ensure the craft is always working within safe operating limits.

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