Rapid Access Keyboard

The Devlin Electronics Rapid Access Keyboard is designed to improve user efficiency and reduce errors. It features up to 40 dedicated rapid access keys with optional LED indicators, allowing quick access to specific functions in the target application. The rapid access keys can be configured as a single key press or as multiple or combinations of key presses (known as macros). The macro facility enables operators to access an application feature via a single key press, which may require more than one key press. The key top can be printed with the application specific function, improving the operator experience. Customised key top colours can be used to group keys with similar  functionality to help identify their location on the keyboard.

The keyboard uses Cherry MX switches for a satisfying typing experience and known for their high-reliability. Devlin offers full customisation of key layouts and functions using their wide range of standard key colours and printing processes. The product can be easily upgraded to adapt to future application changes, making it a versatile choice for professional users.

Product features include:

  • Standard layout options (US or European)
  • Country variants (UK, France, Germany, etc.)
  • 40 additional programmable macro keys
  • LED option for macro keys
  • USB 2.0 full-speed interface
  • Fixed or detachable cable

Customisation options include:

  • Key top layout
  • Key colours (using either Devlin's standard colour range or customer specific colours).
  • Key legends
  • Customer logo
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