Vending Machine Keypad For Wheelchair Users

A vending machine customer approached Devlin with a critical problem that was preventing imminent launch of their new product. The vending machine was to be launched into a particular country but this countries accessibility laws required the machine to be accessible by wheelchair users. The position of the main touch panel was too high for wheelchair users, so the customer required Devlin to manufacture a navigation keypad which could be located at a lower level on the machine. As the customer did not have time to redesign the machine, it was decided to use an optional cup dispenser slot for the keypad which is at the ideal height for wheelchair users.

By using an existing aperture in the machine, the shape and size of the navigation keypad were already determined, although the customer required production units within 3-weeks, otherwise the launch of the new vending machine would be delayed. Also, due to the nature of the machine, the keypad would have to be able to withstand liquid spillages and regular cleaning. In addition, any symbols used on the keypad for navigation would have to be internationally recognised due to the multiple languages used in the target country.

Using Devin's knowledge and design expertise, Devlin were able to manufacture and deliver a new design within the 3-week schedule allowing the customer to meet their launch date.

Product features:

  • Membrane with tactile switches
  • Water resistant
  • Dust resistant
  • USB Interface
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