LCD programmable keys
LCD programmable keys

LCD programmable keys

The [E³] LCD key represents the latest development from the originators of LCD key technology. Devlin Electronics pleased to be the official UK distributor for all [E³] products.

The switches are available in three screen resolutions (32x16, 36x24 and 64x32 pixels) with a screen size of 20.0mm x 16.5mm (330mm2).

Advanced Technology™ electronics ensures even, calibrated RGB back lighting with over 10,000 colours and 100 brightness levels.

A silicone rubber dome switch medium gives 2mm of tactile key travel with over-travel protection. Switch life is rated at >3,000,000 operations, one of the highest available on the market.

Standing apart from simple component vendors, Devlin offers the switches in component form as well as developing full product solutions for customers.

This practical development and manufacturing experience allows our engineering team to provide high levels of support to our component customers.

Proven interface electronics and command protocols (Ethernet, Serial and USB), are available to customers helping to minimise development time and cost.


Custom LCD key panelCustom LCD key panelCustom LCD key panelCustom LCD key panel

Example products developed by Devlin featuring [E³] LCD keys


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  • 64x32, 36x24 and 32x16 pixel screen resolutions

  • 24.5 x 23.5mm body with 20 x 16.5mm screen size

  • Advanced Technology™ electronics for consistent colour calibration

  • 10,000 RGB colours with 100 brightness levels

  • 2.0±0.1mm tactile key travel with over-travel protection

  • 130cN operating force

  • >3,000,000 switch operations

  • “Legacy Mode” detection for backward compatibility

  • 0 to +50°C operating temperature range

  • PCB or socketed mounting with optional lock-bars